Dyslexic Books


    We’ve received positive feedback from parents, teachers and readers about Dyslexic Books. We encourage people to try the books for themselves and experience the difference like our readers have!

    • ‘The Black Snake book has been well received and students have commented that it has been easier for them to read.’ – School Librarian Queensland
    • ‘My students LOVES the look of the books, first one going to her today J’ – Teacher Librarian NZ
    • ‘The words aren’t jumping around on the page.’ – Student
    • ‘If I could get all of my books in this type of font, I think it’d be a lot easier to read.’ – 11 year old Erica Dekker
    • ‘One of my students started crying from relief when I let him try to read one of these books. It is amazing. Thank you so much.’ – Teacher
    • ‘Thank you for the email and for sending us the flyer. We trialled with a student, who confirmed that it was easier to read.’ – Teacher

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