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    Dyslexia Font

    Open Dyslexic is a specially designed font for people with dyslexia. It was designed to alleviate some of the difficulties typically reported by readers with dyslexia, such as swapping or flipping letters and skipping lines without noticing.

    The problem with the English alphabet is that many letters have similar characteristics, and some are mirror images of each other. This makes letters difficult to distinguish, and readers with dyslexia often report rotating, flipping and/or reversing letters. Open Dyslexic aims to differentiate each letter, using distinctive features.

    Dyslexia font

    Font Features

    The Open Dyslexic font changes letters so that they are no longer so similar, and so that they are not mirror images of other letters. It does this in a number of ways:

    • Bolds capitals
    • Bolds the bottom of letters
    • Slants similar looking letters
    • Gives letters larger openings
    • Improves spacing better letters

    These features address letter confusion, rotation and crowding.

    Dyslexia font

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