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    One Little Life
    One Little Life
    Good girls do what they're told. Good girls please. Good girls make everyone else happy. Good girls do not cause trouble. Good girls keep their legs open and their mouths shut. Good girls smile and hide their true feelings. Good girls are silent. Good girls pretend to be happy. Good girls sacrifice themselves. Good girls get abused. Good girls never, ever say no. Lily, the only girl and youngest of six children, learnt at a young age to do as she was told. If she kept silent, kept out of the way and kept being perfect, all would be okay. One Little Life is the autobiography of internationally-acclaimed and award-winning author, Naomi Hunter. Written as a fictional narrative, it details Naomi's journey as a child born into chaos and abuse to becoming an empowered author and child advocate who has positively impacted children and adult survivors around the world.
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    Naomi Hunter
    Genre Biography & Autobiography
    UNSW Press
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