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    Mountain Lodge
    Mountain Lodge
    Josephine Romano has a history of dating people her parents would not approve of. But since returning to her hometown of Ash Gully as a schoolteacher, her love life is basically non-existent. She's ready to settle down - just not with someone her parents set her up with.<br/><br/>Angelo Rossi, the owner of Ash Gully's only pub, has long known there's something special about the dark-haired schoolteacher. The only problem is she's never shown an interest in him as anything more than a friend.<br/><br/>But when a snowstorm at Mount Hotham forces the two of them to share a room, the long-simmering attraction between them comes to a head.<br/><br/>Feeling like she's finally found someone her parents will approve of, Josephine is thrilled to break the news to them - only to discover that an old family feud means Angelo is the last man they'd want her to be with.<br/><br/>Can they heal the rift between their families, or will the pressure break their relationship before it's even really begun?
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    US$ 33.99

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    R.J. Groves
    Genre Romance , Westerns , Fiction
    Escape Publishing
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