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    Friendly Bee and Friends: Woe is for Worm!
    Friendly Bee and Friends: Woe is for Worm!
    <b>Friendly Bee faces his biggest challenge yet, when he tries to cheer up the Pessimistic Earthworm. Can he convince the gloomiest creature alive to go to a party?</b><br/><br/>Friendly Bee loves dressing up, parties and being BEST FRIENDS with everyone. So when he and his reluctant bestie Angry Wasp are invited to Enormous Hairy Spider's dress-up party, he's so excited he could burst. Things just get better when he has the chance to make a new friend, but the Pessimistic Earthworm is determined to be miserable. Cheering him up will be hard work, but luckily Friendly Bee is the bug for the job!
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    US$ 26.99

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    Sean E Avery
    Genre Children's Fiction
    Walker Books Australia
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