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    Best of Times, Worst of Times
    Best of Times, Worst of Times
    Bomber Command, Two Men, One War
    Joe's love of flying and adventure led him to volunteer for active service: dropping bombs on Nazi Germany. Tom's hatred of Hitler's vile regime brought him to the same point. The war was to throw Joe and Tom together. Within a few desperate seconds, on the way to Berlin a night-fighter attack would rip them apart. Best of Times Worst of Times tells the story of two very different men but with a single vocation: to put the Nazi war machine out of action. Each would describe themselves as ordinary men. For each, in their different ways, their wartime experience was extraordinary. For Joe fate would bring the best of times. He would cross the Atlantic on the Queen Elizabeth. He would find the woman to whom he would be married for the rest of his life...
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    Jeff Steel and Joe Shuttleworth
    Genre History
    Big Sky Publishing
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