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    You Can Live on the Bright Side
    You Can Live on the Bright Side
    The Kids' Guide to Optimism
    Do you ever wake up in the morning, look out your window to see the sun shining, and just know that today will be a good day?<br/><br/>This is called optimism, or positivity, and it's such a nice feeling to have. It's also something that you can learn, practise and improve, so you can experience it more often!<br/><br/>This action-oriented, fun-filled book is designed to teach you some easy activities and strategies to make you feel lighter, optimistic about the future, and more confident, empowering and inspiring you to live a happy and healthy life.<br/><br/>You Can Live on the Bright Side contains tips, tricks and tools to help you find the things that make you excited to leap out of bed each morning, ready to do more of what you love, and find even more things that make you uniquely you! ...
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    Lucy Bell
    Genre Children's Non-Fiction
    Pantera Press
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