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    Wild Place
    Wild Place
    In the summer of 1989, a local teen goes missing from the idyllic suburb of Camp Hill in Australia. As rumours of Satanic rituals swirl, schoolteacher Tom Witter becomes convinced he holds the key to the disappearance. When the police won't listen, he takes matters into his own hands with the help of the missing girl's father and a local neighbourhood watch group. <br/><br/>But as dark secrets are revealed and consequences to past actions are faced, Tom learns that the only way out of the darkness is to walk deeper into it. Wild Place peels back the layers of suburbia, exposing what's hidden underneath - guilt, desperation, violence - and attempts to answer the question: Why do good people do bad things? <br/><br/>From the international bestseller Christian White, Wild Place is a white-knuckle descent into a street near you.
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    Christian White
    Genre Crime & Thrillers , Fiction
    Affirm Press
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