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    What is a Near Death Experience?
    What is a Near Death Experience?
    Death is the only certainty in life yet many people shy away from thinking about it until something drastic happens such as the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, or the sudden death of a loved one, which can throw us into turmoil. Yet, paradoxically, contemplating death and the frequently-experienced phenomenon of near-death experiences (NDEs) - which are so little recognised and supported within the traditional medical environment - can really help alter our relationship with death and release us from the fear that often surrounds it. After an insightful introduction about why the subject of NDEs is so worth exploring, each chapter in this book addresses a key question: What are the features of NDEs, and are NDEs the same as OBEs? How distressing are NDEs? Who has NDEs and under what circumstances do they occur? What are the life-changing effects of NDEs? Can science explain NDEs? What can NDEs teach those who've never had one? And, finally, what are the wider implications of knowing more about NDEs? As such, this book really brings readers on an exploratory journey through the world of NDEs, challenging preconceptions about what they are and the impact they can have, encouraging us to accept and feel empowered by death, rather than living in fear of it, and giving us useful insights about life along the way.
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