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    A novel of love, war and kindness, inspired by a true story of medical genius and betrayal.<br/><br/>Sydney, 1948. Brilliant German surgeon, Hugo Winter, is dead, and his protégé, Lucy Brynne, is tasked with sorting his papers. Among them, Lucy finds glimpses of Hugo's past that paint a disturbing picture of war and prejudice - a portrait of Australia she can barely recognise.<br/><br/>That same week, an intriguing patient comes into her care on the orthopaedic ward at Sydney Hospital: one Mr Jim Cleary. Lucy's experience as an army physiotherapist, as well as her own very personal knowledge of pain, tell her there's more to this man's fractured leg than meets the eye.<br/><br/>As she pieces together who Jim Cleary really is and the truth behind his injury, she not only falls for his laconic charm, but discovers the rival surgeon who relentlessly persecuted Hugo - a man who will shatter Jim's life completely now, unless Lucy can stop him.<br/><br/>Inspired by a true story of medical genius and betrayal, Walking is a crisply told tale of bigotry and obsession, love and devastation, one that charts the path of a young woman finding her feet in the world, and the transformative power of kindness that drives her own ambition.
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    Kim Kelly
    Genre Action & Adventure , Fiction
    Jazz Monkey Publications
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