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    Turning Inside Out
    Turning Inside Out
    What if everything we have been taught about life is wrong?
    Author and self-confessed after-life detective, Josh Langley goes on a life changing journey to prove that there's more to this life than what we're lead to believe.<br/><br/>He shares spine tingling stories of after-life contact, an encounter with the ghost of one of Australia's most famous serial killers and discovers children who see dead people.<br/><br/>He conducts mind-bending experiments including pushing his own sanity to the limit in the search of his 'higher self'.<br/><br/>Written with wit, humour and great insight, this book shares Langley's thought-provoking adventure. Turning Inside Out is a personal transformational book with a twist that will have you hanging for more. But as Langley warns: you'll have your beliefs challenged and you won't want to share another cat meme on Facebook again.<br/><br/>Are you prepared to Turn inside Out?
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    Josh Langley
    Genre Mind Body Spirit
    Big Sky Publishing
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