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    The Road to Gondwana
    The Road to Gondwana
    In search of the lost supercontinent
    The Road to Gondwana traces the steps science took to find Gondwana, and the journey of Gondwana itself, through a billion years of Earth's history.<br/>The road to Gondwana took science many hundreds of years to travel, and was a journey with many dead ends and wasted miles. When it was finally glimpsed, Gondwana remained fuzzy, hard to picture. It is still that way.<br/>Gondwana is a place that no longer exists, and yet which connects half the world, because the 3 billion people who live in Africa, South America, India, Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Arabia spend their lives walking around on what's left of it.<br/>Had Gondwana never existed, the planet would be a very different place. The trees of our forests would be different. The animals we live amongst would not be the same. Had Gondwana not existed, maybe we wouldn't either.
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