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    The Queen's Wife
    The Queen's Wife
    A memoir of a turbulent time - and a chess game that broke all the ruiles.
    In 1989, two married women met by chance. They instantly hit it off, but little did they know that their new relationship would turn their lives upside-down. This is the true story of that relationship, which threatened to cost them their children, families and friends and forced them to reassess their sexuality, identity and heritage. Along the way, one - an acclaimed biographer - was to explore the power of objects, while the other - a painter - was to follow her whakapapa back to the first Maori king, Te Wherowhero. Against the odds, the couple's new life together became rich in laughter, travel, unusual encounters, investigations into Viking raids, the Kingitanga movement, the death of a New Zealand artist, chicken claws, ghosts, eccentrics and much more. A fascinating read on so many levels, this is an important view of our country from its very edge.
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    US$ 48.99

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    Joanne Drayton
    Genre Arts, Music & Entertainment , Biography & Autobiography
    Penguin Random House New Zealand
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