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    The Power of Breath
    The Power of Breath
    Yoga Breathing for Inner Balance, Health and Harmony
    A clear, accessible guide to how to revolutionize your life through conscious, healthy breathing, written by a highly experienced yoga and meditation teacher Beautifully illustrated with a combination of evocative artwork and serene photography that accompanies the easy-to-follow step-by-step text While firmly rooted in the yoga tradition, this book offers up the tools for absolutely anyone to enhance their well-being - from yoga practitioners and meditators to insomniacs, stressed-out city dwellers, vocal performers, sportspeople and much more Synopsis: Breathing is the most fundamental of our body's physical processes and our most intimate companion, yet most of us give it little or no thought in our daily lives. However, once fully acknowledged and harnessed, the power of the breath is unlimited - easing stress and anxiety, boosting energy and stamina, enhancing self-confidence, sharpening the ability to focus, strengthening quality of voice and even helping to relieve pain. A Sanskrit proverb claims, 'If you breathe well, you will live long on earth.' Renowned yoga teacher Swami Saradananda aims with The Power of Breath to give gentle yet powerful guidance on the art of breathing. The introduction explains the basics of breathing and the complex connection between the breath and the subtle body as seen in yogic terms, as well as offering advice on rediscovering natural breathing and preparing for breathing exercises. The sections that follow then lead the reader through five types of breath as classified in the yogic tradition, each related to a particular type of energy, or life force - vitalizing (prana), nourishing (samana), expansive (vyana), cleansing (apana) and expressive (udana). Over 30 life-enriching breathing exercises are explained within these sections, each one beautifully illustrated for clarity and maximum visual appeal. A final section of mini breathing programmes helps you to target specific common ailments and issues such as asthma, skin disorders, depression, lethargy and phobias as well as harnessing your breath to enhance vocal, dramatic or sports performance. With evocative artwork, inspiring photography and easy-to-follow guidance, this book will enhance and affirm your daily life through the power of breathwork.
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    Swami Saradananda
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    Watkins Publishing
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