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    The New Kid
    The New Kid
    Ghost Club (book 1)
    A slightly spooky but mostly funny series about the mischief ghosts can make - and the kids who take care of the mess.<br/>Angeline and Edgar might be kids, but they're also two of Ghost Club's youngest ghost - catchers. Got a problem with a ghost, poltergeist or ghoul? Can't sleep because of all the rattling chains and cackling laughter? Angeline and Edgar are the experts to call.<br/>So it's entirely logical that when new kid Dylan joins Ghost Club, Angeline and Edgar are the perfect candidates to introduce him to everything he needs to know, from which ghost - catching gadget will do the trick to when to run like crazy to avoid being splattered with ectoplasm.<br/>The trouble is, Dylan's not quite sure he wants to be a ghost - catcher . . .<br/>
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    US$ 33.99

    Book Author
    Deborah Abela
    Genre Sci Fi & Fantasy , Children's Fiction
    Penguin Random House Australia
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