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    The Neuroscience of Self-Love 
    The Neuroscience of Self-Love 
    Thoughts and moods are chemical reactions in your brain that you might think you are powerless to control. But modern science has shown beyond doubt that changing your behaviour and thought patterns can rewire the neurological pathways of your brain to literally change how you think, feel and view yourself.<br/>Thought; moods; rewiwirning brain pattens; practical tools; exercises; positive thinking; exercise; meditation; <br/>In The Neuroscience of Self-Love, Alexis Fernandez-Preiksa takes the theory out of neuroscience and gives you practical tools and exercises to create a new self that is happier, more balanced and less dependent on others for validation. By re-engineering your habits, optimising your decision-making, curbing negative thoughts and harnessing the power of exercise and meditation, you will become more centred, connected and creative, and learn how to trust, prioritise and truly love yourself.
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