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    Stacey Casey and the Lost City
    Stacey Casey and the Lost City
    Stacey Casey is a fun and adventurous middle grade series that will take kids on a wild ride into the past.<br/><br/>Oliver is lost in time, now Stacey must find a way to save him without falling into a deadly trap or destroying the universe. With the help of an old man version of Oliver, the characters must travel back to 1964 to rescue him, and to stop an evil woman from stealing a powerful artifact and taking over the world. A dangerous quest that takes them to a place outside of all time and space. Stacey and her friends team up with the world's most famous philosopher, Plato, to explore the lost city of Atlantis. <br/><br/>Oh yes, and there's the small problem of the dinosaur, Cooper, who they accidently kidnapped from the cretaceous period. <br/><br/>How are they going to get him back to his mum? <br/><br/>A thrilling adventure, or just another day in the Casey household?
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    US$ 24.99

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    Michael C Madden
    Genre Children's Fiction
    Big Sky Publishing
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