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    Stacey Casey and the Cheeky Outlaw
    Stacey Casey and the Cheeky Outlaw
    Stacey, Oliver and Mr Casey are 100 million years in the past looking at dinosaurs. Suddenly they find themselves chased by an angry lightning claw and escape by an emergency jump back to 2022. Now they have two problems: a stowaway baby cooperensis dinosaur and a damaged time machine. To try and fix things they travel back in time to 1880s Australia where they find themselves faced with more challenges - outlaws, explorers and a mystery that could destroy the universe!<br/><br/>Stacey Casey is a fun and adventurous middle grade series that will take kids on a wild ride into the past. On their journey, readers will discover surprising and sometimes hidden and fascinating historical facts as the friends travel back in time where they encounter villains, heroes, tantalising mysteries and intriguing adventures that will keep kids guessing.
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    Michael C. Madden
    Genre Children's Fiction
    Big Sky Publishing
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