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    Ruby and the Pen
    Ruby and the Pen
    Ruby buys a pen that gives her the power to fix all of her problems, only to discover that power comes with its own problems.<br/><br/>Ruby and the Pen is the story of a 12-year-old, cartoon-drawing girl who buys a pen from a mysterious market stall. The pen has a magical power: whatever she draws, happens! Initially the pen protects Ruby from the meanest girls at her new school, but over time the pen's power becomes dangerous. Soon Ruby faces a difficult choice - the pen or her best friend.<br/><br/>As Ruby struggles to wean herself off the pen, she's faced with problems galore. Can she foil her headmaster's evil plan, and save an endangered species of bird in the process, relying on her own talents and working as a team with her friends? Or will she succumb to the pen's power?<br/><br/>Featuring hilarious illustrations, and with messages about bullying, teamwork and the environment, this is fast-paced, entertaining middle grade fiction that will resonate with kids everywhere. After all, who wouldn't want to fix all of their problems with the stroke of a pen!
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    US$ 26.99

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    David Lawrence & Cherie Dignam
    Genre Sci Fi & Fantasy , Children's Fiction
    Exisle Publishing
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