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    Road Rage
    Road Rage
    Shattered lives? Fractured friendships?<br />Finding strength, compassion and redemption.<br /><br />Close friends cycle to escape the pressures of big city living. A vehicle cuts them down from behind, causing serious injury. Is this road rage, car versus bike? Or is it a copycat terrorist attack?<br /><br />Could road rage be spreading like a virus?<br /><br />We discover how they became friends, as each opens up with personal stories. As they come to grips with their shattered lives, their friendships suffer.<br /><br />How to cope with the aggressor? Is revenge the answer? Peel away the layers of friendship and who are we really?<br/><br/>Road Rage challenges notions of 'them and us', right and wrong. In the revelations of each life's journey, Fred Guilhaus paints a gripping tale of modern life, with remarkable twists and turns.
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    Fred Guilhaus
    Genre Fiction
    Wakefield Press
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