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    Putting on a Show
    Putting on a Show
    Manhood, mates and mental health
    What's going on behind the bravado of the 'average Aussie bloke'?<br/><br/>Following the untimely deaths of two friends, Rob Mills began questioning who he is as a person and a man. Soon his self-reflection shifted outwards, and he got to wondering how he fits into the category of 'Aussie bloke'. Who is the average Aussie bloke, anyway, and does he even exist? What does he see as his purpose in the world? What is the state of his mental health? What does he think about gender roles, about family, sex and mateship, about violence and vulnerability?<br/><br/>Charged by his naturally inquisitive nature, and with enough smarts to know he doesn't have all the answers, Rob called on the help of experts and friends. This book is the result of all these questions: a fascinating, chatty, insightful and often hilarious deep dive into both Rob's own life and that of the man on the street.
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    Rob Mills With Paul Connolly
    Genre Arts, Music & Entertainment , Biography & Autobiography
    Affirm Press
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