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    How to be… a Friend
    How to be… a Friend
    A delightful follow up to How to be ... the New Person, from Anna Branford, author of the much-loved series, Violet Mackerel<br/><br/>Hazel Morrison has settled into her new school, and made a new friend, Laura, who shares Hazel's love of making pretend tutorials about everyday things. How to fold your pajamas: The Morrison Method! Three top tips for drizzling honey on your porridge! Laura's dad is away, and when her mum gets very ill with morning sickness, she turns to Hazel for help. Laura's mum goes to hospital and Laura comes to stay with Hazel's family. They also have to rehearse for the school play, deal with the not-so-helpful Camila, and help find a missing cat. Together the girls learn how to be a friend: navigating self-doubt, secrets, helping out, knowing when to give someone space ... and all the fun in between!
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    Anna Branford
    Genre Children's Fiction
    Walker Books Australia
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