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    Go the Way Your Blood Beats
    Go the Way Your Blood Beats
    On Truth, Bisexuality and Desire
    Positioning statement: Can you ever really know where desire will take you? And is it possible to label sexual desire simply as straight or gay?<br/><br/>Sales points:<br/><br/>Does categorisation clarify or confuse sexuality? How useful are the concepts of ''''straight'''', ''''gay'''' and ''''bi''''? Is everyone or no-one, actually bisexual?<br/>At a time when over 50% of young people identify as ''''not 100% heterosexual'''', and an increasing number of young celebrities are coming out as gay, bi or pansexual and/or gender fluid, non-binary or trans•, or simply refusing to define their sexuality or gender at all, this is a timely meditation on the many forms of desire. <br/>Essential reading for anyone who has ever questioned their sexuality, and (even more so) for anyone who hasn't. <br/>Marketing plans: pitching for Guardian Long Read/major weekend supplement feature on bisexual celebrities; relevant radio shows like Radio 4's Front Row; reviews across literary and broadsheet press; festival appearances/bookshop talks around UK. Author has written for outlets including Guardian, Spectator and the New Statesman previously and appeared at festivals. <br/>Synopsis: Using bisexuality as a frame, Go the Way Your Blood Beats questions the division of sexuality into straight and gay, in a timely exploration of the complex histories and psychologies of human desire.<br/><br/>A challenge to the idea that sexuality can either ever be fully known or neatly categorised, it is a meditation on desire's unknowability. Interwoven with anonymous addresses to past loves - the sex of whom remain obscure - the book demonstrates the universalism of human desire.<br/><br/>Part essay, part memoir, part love letter, Go the Way Your Blood Beats asks us to see desire and sexuality as analogous with art - a mysterious, creative force.
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    Michael Amherst
    Genre Biography & Autobiography , Social Science
    Watkins Publishing
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