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    Get Your Act Together, Doris Kozlowski
    Get Your Act Together, Doris Kozlowski
    Doris Kozlowski's life is anything but normal. Her mum plays singing vegetables in TV commercials. Her little brother befriends pebbles and potatoes. And don't even get her started on her babcia.<br/><br/>But Doris is good at pretending to be just like everyone else, and she has a plan to get through Year Six: keep her head down, keep her family away from the school, and keep her best and only friend, the perfect Felicity.<br/>So when Felicity ditches her for the popular girls before their first class even starts, Doris needs a new plan. She figures if she can win the talent show, Felicity will want to be friends again, and Doris can get her life back.<br/>That is, if her babcia stops trying to 'help'. And if her mum avoids more embarrassing commercials. And if her brother manages to keep her secrets.<br/>Who is she kidding? Doris is DOOMED.
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    Jo Dabrowski
    Genre Children's Fiction
    Affirm Press
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