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    Flourish for Mums
    Flourish for Mums
    21 Ways to thrive with self care and acceptance
    This book is a warm hug for mothers. Motherhood is a personal journey of self-discovery. A mix of feeling delight and wonder, to challenged and overwhelmed - often, all in one day! FLOURISH for Mums is your perfect companion to cultivate 21 healthy ways to let go of unrealistic expectations and create space to celebrate your unique parenting pathway. Filled with uplifting anecdotes and supportive strategies, while busting big misconceptions - this is personal, yet universal in its strong, yet gentle messages. Handbag friendly and always ready to provide a dose of inspiration.Dear mum, it's time to relax - replenish -  FLOURISH.
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    US$ 24.99

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    Sonia Bestulic
    Genre Family, Health & Fitness
    Big Sky Publishing
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