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    Dying to Know
    Dying to Know
    Is there life after death?
    Ride shotgun with author and award - winning copywriter Josh Langley as he battles his inner - cynic and subjects himself to a barrage of strange and creepy adventures as a result of his lifelong obsession with the afterlife.Determined to find out what happens when we die but realising it's unlikely that an obliging ghost is going to jump out in front of him with the verdict, Josh designs his own unique ''''afterlife investigation plan'''' and sets off on an extraordinary journey in a quest for answers to the question we all secretly want to know.Things get a little weird and spooky as he visits crematoriums, experiments with out - of - body experiences, attempts past - life regressions, conjures up dead people, converses with his long dead grandmother and is scared witless on a terrifying ghost hunt, to name a few. Explore the paranormal from the safety of your armchair with Dying to Know a humorous and moving travelogue like nothing else before it. Join Josh as he searches for answers to the question that has plagued him for years, and reaches his final, and somewhat surprising, thought - provoking conclusion.
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    Josh Langley
    Genre Mind Body Spirit
    Big Sky Publishing
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