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The Second Adventures of Princess Peony
The Second Adventures of Princess Peony
In which she doesn't want a prince but gets one anyway. But not for keeps.
The second book in Nette Hilton's irresistible emerging readers series for self-described princesses who dislike waiting around for things (especially princes) and can't resist a challenge from a troll (big brother). Princess Peony has zero interest in waiting for a unicorn, a fairy princess or a silly prince until the Troll (her brother) tells her she'll never get one because she's not even a real princess. Then, <i>The lovely Princess decides a Prince on a horse, with a big JUMPING LEAPING HOUND AND A SAVAGE LION OR TWO would be VERY handy. </i><i>Trolls are to be ignored but sometimes they're ASKING for it, if you really want to know</i>. As only she can, Princess Peony manages to prove that she's a Princess and make her brother think he's a Prince, which he absolutely doesn't want to be. Of course, only she can turn him back into a Troll and restore order to the kingdom. This will involve some kissing, some frogs and a lot of surprises.
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Nette Hilton and Lucinda Gifford
Genre Juvenile Fiction
Walker Books Australia
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